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Customized ​Learning Plans

Different classes, different formats:

+ One-on-one, in person (mostly for school support or private coaching)
+ One-on-one via Google Meet (only in case of absolute necessity)
+ Group classes, in person
+ Online classes (accessible 24/7)

Proven Success

All classes are based on enrichment, personal growth, and success.
Miss Coco’s school is not your typical tutoring service. She cares about each and every student, and she will help your child get back on track. She will prepare you for your next job interview. She will coach you and mentor you to succeed socially. She wants results as much as you do.

Track Record

How can miss Coco do it all? The answer is simple: she has done it all. Please check her biography. It is because of her own experience that she is able to make a difference in the topics that she teaches.

Meet miss Coco



"I LOVE your programs. They’re extremely well done and you choose wonderful destinations to highlight. Many thanks!"

Pam Y.

(Student in French TLC Course)

"Miss Coco’s classes are practical, right to the point, fun, based on experience (not theory), and carefully designed for you to learn."
Derek L.

(Student in Ace Your Next Job Interview)

"Thank you for another wonderful year teaching our children. Steve + I so appreciate your love + dedication to them. We feel so blessed!"

Carrie H.

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