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Serving students in the Hamilton, MT area (from public and private schools, including home-schooled children)

"Considered a “renaissance woman” by many, my skills and areas of expertise are quite versatile. Some of them are interconnected, some of them are distinct. However, the common denominator for me has always been to teach my areas of expertise in a practical way, based on experience more than theory. 

When I developed my “TLC French Course”, it was to give my students a huge plus that no other language course offers - travel, language, culture: a full understanding of France, its people, and its heritage taught in a fun, practical way.

When I developed my “Servers Training Course”, it was because, as a restaurateur, I saw the need for a program that would save the managers a lot of time, help the servers make better tips, and bring consistency to the establishment.

When I developed my “Ace your Job Interview” course, it was the result of years interviewing candidates of all ages whose performances would have been a hundred times better with a bit of help prior to the big day.

When I developed my “Manners, Please!” course, my goal was to teach some basic manners to help people of all ages feel better about themselves, be prepared for all situations in life, gain self-esteem, and reach a personal best."

My Story

My main goal in life has been to constantly expand my horizons and develop new skills. This has allowed me to build great confidence and has made me aware of the importance of self-esteem for personal growth.


“Voilà by Coco” e-Commerce store owner and blogger

Restaurant Owner / Chef

Private Coach (Personal Growth through Etiquette)


Translator in French-English


Ecole Supérieure de Commerce – Troyes, France

Degree in International Commerce


Institut de Langues Levallois-Perret – Paris, France

Degree in Commercial Translation


Lycée Jean Zay – Orléans, France
Degree in Trilingual Secretarial Skills


French-American Chamber of Commerce Top Student Award
Appointed Honorary Consul of France – Attached to the French Consulate of San Francisco, CA

2021 Nashville Film Festival Quarter Finalist (feature screenwriting)

2022 Screencraft Family Movie Quarter Finalist (feature screenwriting)

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