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Classes By Topic

Year-round group classes, summer camps, personal coaching, one-on-one tutoring, in person or online teaching, that is all available right here with miss Coco.

Take your pick, go right to what you are looking for specifically, or browse and find a class that may just spark your interest or your child's interest.

TLC France (Travel, Language, Culture), French Cooking, Servers' Training, Preparation to Job Interview, Personal Growth through Etiquette, American History, English Writing, Math: please check it out. Miss Coco does it all for you!

Eiffel Tower Paris

"TLC France" -

Travel, Language, Culture

Follow miss Coco, and get fully ready before you fly to Paris. Learn how to make reservations, how to order food, exchange money. Learn table manners and protocol. What should you bring if you are invited? Don't wait until you make a faux pas... Act now!


Seared Scallops

French Cooking

& Culinary Artistry

Are you interested in Artistry on the Plate? French cooking and baking in general?

Would you like to know a little more about the evolution of French cooking?

You have come to the right place!

Let miss Coco tell it all and show it all!


Servers' Training

Waiters & Waitresses:

Learn how to be a serious European-trained server, and watch your tips grow .


Do yourselves a favor: get this very useful, reusable, training tool for a minimal, one-time $45 charge!



Personal Growth Through Etiquette

Learn some basic manners

and feel better about yourself,

be prepared

for all situations in life,

gain self-esteem,

and reach a personal best.


406 218 8576

Job Interview

Ace Your Next Job Interview

Looking for a new job?

Let miss Coco coach you

and make you feel

comfortable so that

you can be ahead of 90%

of the other candidates and

ace your next job interview.

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