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Kids' Camps / Summer Camps


What summer camps are offered by Classes by Coco?

French for Kids
Love Your Country, Love Your Flag!
Self-Esteem Through Etiquette
Creative Writing & Screenwriting

(all subject to change)

How many students are allowed per camp?

Depending on the nature of the camp, a minimum of 5 is required, and up to 10 students.

What happens if I have registered my child, paid for the camp, and the camp is cancelled?

You will be refunded 100%.

Can I, as a parent or a guardian, attend the camp?

Yes, of course, you are welcome to attend and observe, not interfere with the teaching though.

Can my child bring water?

It is recommended that children bring water. Sodas or any other beverages are discouraged.

Can my child bring snacks?

2-hour+ long classes are not unusual, especially during week-long summer camps. For elementary and middle school children, we observe a 10-minute break to allow them to eat any snacks that they may have brought with them. Due to food allergies or special dietary needs, we do not provide any house snacks and do not allow children to share their snacks between one another.

Please note, chewing gum is not allowed during class.

Can my child bring a plush pet?

Yes, elementary children are allowed to bring one plush companion of their choice if it makes them feel comfortable and secure.

Should I expect my child to have homework?

Depending on the nature of the camp, your child may be sent home with some hand-outs and printouts to keep, not to return. Homework is not part of summer camps.


Private Tutoring

Tell me about your private tutoring services. What subjects do you cover?

Our private tutor, miss Coco, has been tutoring children since 2002. She cares about each and every child. Her expertise lies in the following subjects:

Math K-8 + Preparation to SBAC standard testing
English Grammar (all levels) + Preparation to SBAC and SAT standard testing
After-school homework and school support
High School French I & II (for extra HS credits)

How long is a class?

Each class is a full hour.

When can private tutoring be scheduled?

Miss Coco’s reserved schedule for private tutoring is Monday through Thursday starting at 3:30PM. The schedule fills up very quickly in September. New students are accepted as spots become available.
Morning and/or afternoon scheduling is possible for home-schooled students.

Should I expect my child to have homework?

Yes, your child will most likely be sent home with some homework, especially if he/she is behind in school and the goal is to fill the gap to bring him/her back up to speed.

How do I sign up for private tutoring?

You need to call miss Coco at 406.218.8576 or email her.

When do I pay for my child's private tutoring?

You will be given a monthly statement at the end of each month which will list all sessions. Payment is due 7 days after you receive it.

What if my child has to miss a class?

Missed classes and inconsistency can result in you losing your scheduled spot. It is unfortunate but should be understood knowing that miss Coco always has a list of students waiting for openings and anxious to start tutoring.


Online Classes

Tell me about your online classes. What subjects do you cover?

Miss Coco’s online classes are designed for high-school students and adults. No subscription is needed, just a one-time low fee for on-demand, unlimited access to each respective course.
Students make their own schedule, and they progress as they wish. Also, they are able to watch the same video over and over at any time or go back and forth between videos.

The programs offered are as follows:
Preparation to the Job Interview: Ace it!
TLC French – Travel, Language, Culture
European Servers’ Training


For all questions related to cancellations and refunds, please click HERE.

Please note:

For your child's protection and for miss Coco's protection as well, classes are recorded on a Google Nest camera.

Any issue must be addressed within 10 days of its occurrence.

Thank you kindly for your attention to this.

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